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The Google search engine maintains an index of all of its internet data across a set of servers located various physically separate Google Data Centers. Search queries are distributed to the Data Centers via the Google Name Server. Updates to the index will occur gradually as one server after another updates. While updating is in progress, it is possible to obtain a different Google index for the same website at different times. This process is sometimes called the Google dance. This movement of the index allows you to follow the beginning of an update process and to estimate the final site index position after the update process is finished.

Previously, there were 10-15 data-centers each one of which had a name (for example,,, etc.). Since January 2004, Google has removed its obsolete Google Data Centers and replaced them with more than 50 new Data Centers. The new Google Data Centers are accessed by IP address and some of them are not active. Seo Administrator allows you to obtain site positions in these Google Data Centers. As you make changes to your web page, you can get an estimate of your final Google keyword ranking by checking the Google Data Centers as they are updated before the main server at

google data centers
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