Seo Administrator download

Five reasons why our clients choose us:

1. Reliability. We have been working in the SEO-supply market for over 10 years. By choosing Seo Administrator, you know for sure that your program will remain efficient in a month as well as a year or five years down the line.

2. Innovative technologies. Seo Administrator is the only software that uses external servers to provide extra reliability and flexibility in difficult situations. As you know, search engines try to limit automatic requests for their services. Seo Administrator knows the right way to work with the search engine, emulating the work of a human and successfully overcoming the CAPTCHA protection.

Nevertheless, if access to a search engine is temporary banned for some reason, the software switches over to our servers and accomplishes the task. Since the program successfully performs 98%-100% of requests from the user’s computer, we can offer our clients this additional service at absolutely no charge!

3. Real-time tech-support. We offer efficient technical support via e-mail, ICQ and Skype. You will never be left face to face with a problem if any technical problems arise.

4. Risk-free purchase. We are confident about the quality of our product. Therefore, besides the free trial version, we guarantee a full and unconditional payment refund if you are unsatisfied with anything. The money-back guarantee is valid for 30 days after purchase.

5. Advantages. It is not our primary aim to make expensive, piecemeal sales to large companies. Our program is accessible to any webmaster and the prices start at just $49. In addition, every license is immediately applied to two computers so you’ll have no problem using the program both at home and at work. We also don’t charge any “hidden” fees or commissions, such as fees for new updates, for an annual subscription, and etc. When buying the program, you pay only once, and you will receive all of the subsequent new versions and updates for free.