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Project operation

The utilities from the Seo Administrator program suite are designed to integrate with each other via projects that may be launched and saved.

Most utilities in the Seo Administrator program suite work with search engines and so we introduce the term "search session". Each search session is included in a database called the "search database". You may view any previously saved search session data by selecting the appropriate date in the search database. We recommend that you periodically delete any outdated or unwanted search session data from the database. This will ensure rapid project launch.

Reports export

All the reports created by the program may be exported to a variety of file formats. These include HTML, Excel (.xls), Word (doc), CSV, Txt, XML. They may also be printed.

Check for updates

Seo Administrator can check for program version updates. This can be done from the menu. (File->Check for updates...) Alternatively, you can set program options to check for updates automatically during program launch. (Settings-> Check for updates automatically)

Proxy settings

In some cases, (For example, if you are connected to the Internet via a network.) it is necessary to enter proxy server settings. You can do this from the menu. (Settings->Proxy settings)

Use proxy if this option is selected the program will connect to the Internet via a proxy-server. In the edit fields, Proxy-server and Port the address of the proxy-server and the number of the port should be entered.

If a password is needed to connect to the proxy-server, you should choose the option Authentication is needed and enter your username and password into the fields UserName and Password.

IP protection

Some search engines protect themselves from automatic queries by blocking the IP address of the computer making the queries. This will not be an issue for most Seo Administrator users who will have a dynamic IP or who use Seo Administrator with reasonable frequency. If you have a static IP address and use Seo Administrator very frequently (dozens of times a day) then installing a random interval between queries will provide a solution.

If the option Use random interval between queries (milliseconds) is chosen, Seo Administrator will insert a random pause between any two accesses of a search engine. The pause will be no less than Min. Interval milliseconds and no more than Max. Interval milliseconds.

Settings->Do not refresh info tables during search

By default, information tables are refreshed automatically during the search process. This is useful with small and medium sized projects because it allows you to view search results as they are processed. On large projects, with more than 50 keywords and many search engines selected, automatic table refreshing may demand excessive CPU usage. In this case, automatic table refreshing should be disabled.

Launch from the Command line

You may wish to launch projects from the Command line to, for example, automate part of your work. This can be achieved using the following syntax:

[Full path to the utility] [Full path to the project file]

For example, to launch the "Ranking Monitor" module from the command line of the project called "default.seo" you would use the following syntax:

C:\Program Files\seoadministrator\RankingMonitor\rankingmonitor.exe -C:\Program Files\seoadministrator\RankingMonitor\default.seo

Launch from the Command line is supported by the following modules:

- Ranking Monitor

- Google data centers

- Snippets viewer

- Link popularity checker

- Site indexing tool

- PageRank analyzer

When launched from the Command line the program is minimized into the system tray. It then processes the given project; it performs a search and obtains results according to the given parameters. It then adds the new data to the search database and finishes. The next time you launch the program you will have access to the data that was automatically collected in the command line session.



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