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Project settings

Keywords list the list of keywords and phrases to be checked is specified here.

URL list the list of sites for checking is specified here.

Search depth specifies the search depth, expressed as positions.

Number of search threads specifies the number of DataCenters to be searched simultaneously.

The keys Add, Delete, Move up, Move down allow you to manipulate the keyword and URL lists.

Fill from *.txt allows you to populate lists of words and sites from a text file.

Start search allows you to begin collection of information.

DataCenters report

Keywords list, URL list allows you to select a phrase/site for viewing.

Show top entries only - displays only the top positions of your site pages in reports from search engines.

Interlaced background color lines in the table have alternating colors to enhance the clarity of the displayed data.

View IP address list Google DataCenters do not have names, they are specified by IP addresses. For convenience, the obsolete names of the DataCenters that were used by Google in the past are used when displaying them in the table. This list allows you to view the association between DataCenter names and their IP addresses.

The Start and Stop keys allow you to start and stop the information collection procedure.


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