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Site indexation checking in Google, Yahoo, MSN
PageRank check of each indexed page

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Project settings

Search engines the list of search engines to be checked for indexing is specified here.

Domain list the list of sites for which you want to check indexing is specified here.

Search depth specifies the depth of search expressed as search engine ranking positions. You should set the search depth slightly larger than the total number of pages within your site.

Number of search threads specifies the maximum number of search engines to be interrogated simultaneously.

Check Google PageRank if this option is switched on, PageRank will be shown for each page that is indexed. This option may be very useful when analyzing sites with a large number of pages.

Site indexation report

The site indexation report contains all the pages that have been indexed together with their PageRank. This data may be sorted by PageRank or alphabetically.

Search engines use this option to view pages that have undergone indexation by specified search engines.

Domain list allows you to choose the sites viewed in the indexing report.

Search database allows you to view indexing of a site on a specified past date. If data at the specified date is not useful then it can be deleted.


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