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Project settings

Keywords list – the phrases to be checked for additional suggestions are added to this list.

Keywords suggestion services – this allows you to query the keyword suggestion services of the search engines. Seo Administrator supports the following suggestion services:

Overture - the most famous keywords suggestion service.

Wordtracker – a similar chargeable service. There is a free version that allows up to 15 keyword suggestions.

Yandex Direct, Rambler – Russian services for keywords suggestion.

Maximum number of keywords – the search will continue as long as the specified number of keywords is found or until all of the search engine suggestions are finished. A recommended value is 50-100 keywords.

Related searches -specifies that additional thematic search results should be returned.

The Yahoo and AskJeeves search engines allow you to view additional lists of keyphrases that are thematically related to the specified word. These keywords may also be of significant interest.

Meta-tag keywords (from competitors’ sites) – when choosing keywords you should also pay attention to the words used by your competitors. This report helps you with this task and operates as follows:

  • search engine results to the specified depth are downloaded.
  • Pages from these results are downloaded.
  • Meta-tag keywords from these pages are analyzed and compiled into a list.
  • A count is done of each of the meta-tag keyword occurrences in each page. This is done for all of the pages resulting from the search engine results.

Number of sites to check – specifies the number of sites for meta-tag analysis.

Competition rates- are important factors when choosing keywords for optimization. You should pay attention to the competition rate of given phrases. The Link popularity checker contains a complete Competition rates analysis section.

Average PageRank – the first 10 sites are downloaded in the report of the Google search engine. Then the average PageRank of the first ten sites is calculated. This provides an estimate of the competition rate of the given keyword.

Total number of pages matching keyword - the number of pages containing the specified keyword.

Number of exact matches – the number of pages containing an exact match of a phrase as would be found with quotes around your search text.

Average number of inbound links – the first ten sites are downloaded based on Google results and then the average number of inbound links for the first ten sites is calculated.

Keywords report

Keywords list – the list of keywords for which you wish to obtain viewing suggestions is specified here.

Sorting order. All the phrases may be sorted:

  • Alphabetically.
  • By number of expected searches, according to the given suggestion service.
  • By the number of times this phrase has appeared in the checked sites.

The set of options Services, Related searches, Site keywords allows you to view the results of the search collected in a similar way (as described in the previous section).

Select all and Unselect all. You will see a checkbox next to each word. Check those keywords from the list which are the most interesting and which are to be checked for competition rate.

Competition rate

Keywords list – the list of keywords for checking competition rate is specified here.

All keywords in one report– is useful if you wish to search for additional variations of suggestions for the group of related phrases. It may be more convenient to view all the results together in one list.

For each phrase in the list, this report displays:

  • The average PageRank (PR).
  • The average number of Inbound links.
  • The total number of pages matching the keyword.
  • The number of pages containing exact matches.


The results of the report may be sorted alphabetically or by any of the parameters listed above.


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