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The number of quality inbound links to your site is one of the most important criteria used by search engines to rank your pages. An efficiently conducted link exchange campaign is one of the most effective website optimization strategies you can follow. Many of the features of Seo Administrator program suite will help you track and analyze existing inbound links and also find new web resources to link to your site.

Search engines – the list of search engines to be used for checking inbound links is specified here. We recommend that you select all the available search engines. Even though the majority of inbound links will be found by all of the search engines, there will also be some links unique to particular search engines. A complete list of inbound links on your site will be guaranteed by using them all.

URL list – the list of sites for which inbound links are collected is specified here.

Search depth – specifies the search depth in positions (i.e. the maximum position the search engine should check to.). When searching for inbound links, you should specify a large search depth (usually more than 500) to make sure you collect all the links found by each search engine.

Number of search threads – specifies the maximum number of search engines interrogated simultaneously.

Check Google PageRank – if this option is turned on the PageRank of each found link will be displayed.

Search for anchor text – If this option is turned on, each found link will be accompanied by the text related to your site. Note: identification of this anchor text may take some time because all the pages linking to your site have to be downloaded.

Include links to all pages within the selected domains (Yahoo only) – the Yahoo search engine allows additional searches for (if the root of the site is specified, its domain) all the pages belonging to this domain as well as inbound links to the specified URL. You should turn this option on as it provides a more complete list of inbound links.

The buttons Add, Delete, Move up, Move down - allow editing of the URL list.

Fill from *.txt – allows you to populate the list of sites from a text file.

Inbound links report

The Inbound links report contains some additional information: The PageRank of the referring page and the Anchor text.

The PageRank is the degree of importance of a page as calculated by the Google search engine. The PageRank depends on the number of inbound links on the page as well as the PageRank of the referring pages. For example, an inbound link from the site has much more PageRank weight than that from a home page In other words, PageRank is the degree of links popularity of a specific page. It is a very important figure, which you should take into account when analyzing inbound links. The most valuable links are from referrers that have high PageRank value.

Anchor Text is the visible hyperlinked text located on the page that refers to your site. That is the text which goes between the tags "a href=…"Anchor text "/a". This text is very important for the search engines and the inclusion of appropriate keywords in the anchor text can make a big difference to the final ranking of your site pages. All major search engines give significant weight to the anchor text of inbound links.

The link data in the table may be sorted by PageRank of the referring pages or alphabetically.

Search engines – a review of inbound links returned by search engines is specified here. The list of search engines has an additional item: "UNIFIED LINKS LIST". The sets of inbound links returned by different search engines will have significant overlap. Nevertheless, every search engine will return some unique links. If you choose the option "UNIFIED LINKS LIST", a unified list of unique inbound links without duplicates will be displayed. That will represent the most comprehensive list of inbound links for your site.

URL list – allows you to choose the URLs for viewing in the inbound links report.

Search database – allows you to view inbound links for the specified date. If the link information for the specified date is not useful then you may delete it.

Exclude internal links – the search engine does not distinguish between inbound links from external resources and internal links from other pages on the same website. For example, the page will obviously contain a link from the home page of the site . Search engines regard this link as an inbound link although it is not really "inbound". This option allows you to exclude such internal links from the report.

New/Disappeared links

By itself, a list of links is not especially interesting, we are often more interested in changes. A site may have a great number of permanent links and it is not necessary to repeatedly analyze them. In many cases, it is more important to trace the dynamics of links, i.e. to learn which new inbound links have appeared and which old ones have disappeared.

This report allows you to view such information together with a PageRank for each link.

URL list – select the pages of interest for a dynamic analysis of new and disappeared inbound links.

Dates range – the initial and final dates for analysis are specified here. For example, you could specify the time between the initial and final dates as one month (the final date is usually the current one). Changes in inbound links for the past month will then be displayed if this information is available in the search database.

Competition rates

By analyzing the inbound links of your competitors, you may find new Internet sites that will provide inbound links to your own project.

Include domains – your competitors’ sites are selected here. For example, if you choose three competing domains the list will contain only those sites that have inbound links to all three sites.

Exclude domains – those sites that have links to the selected domains will be excluded from the report if they are in this list. You would normally specify your own website here.

The resulting list of sites will have links to your competitors (i.e. on all the sites in the first list), but not to your own site. This list may be very useful when searching for new resources in the net that will provide links to your project.

The PageRank of all of the referring sites is also displayed.


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