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    The HTML analyzer tool analyses on-line and local HTML web pages. It allows you to dissect html text in the same way that a search engine would do it. Site analyzer may be used in several ways:

Analysis of your own site text, while building and optimizing the site, by calculating keyword density and keyword weight.
Detailed analyses of your competitors' sites to obtain optimal keywords and keyphrases.
To ensure that your web pages are well designed and the HTML code is correctly formed.

     The first report provided by the HTML analyzer contains detailed information on keywords, such as keyword weight and keyword density. The following statistics are obtained for each keyword:

html analyzer report Total number of occurrences - this total is a count of all word occurrences in the text, including visible text as well as invisible and administrative tags (TITLE, ALT, meta-tags, etc.).
Number of presences in visible text - how many times a word occurs in text that is visible to site visitors.
TITLE tags - shows the keywords in the page header and title tags. Search engines place special importance on the keywords included in these tags.

Stylistic tags - indicates if a keyword is printed in bold type or italics.
Link text - shows if this keyword is associated with links to other pages.
Alt tags - shows which words are present in image alternative tags.
Keywords and Description Meta-tags - shows if a word is present in search engine meta-tags. The Meta Keyword Tag allowed webmasters to set keywords of the current page for search engines. The Meta Description Tag allows you to set the desired description of the current page. Meta tags are not fully used by search engines nowadays and often ignored, but their continued use is advisable when creating a new website.
HTML report

     As well as the parameters described above, keyword weight and keyword density are shown for each keyword.

     Keyword density is a measure of textual keyword frequency. For example if the text contains 100 assorted words and the given keyword occurs 5 times then its density is 5%. The density of keywords is an important parameter to be taken into account when optimizing your site. A low density will cause the search engine to consider the page irrelevant for a query on that keyword. An extremely high keyword density will cause the search engine to switch on a search spam-filter and as a result, the page will be excluded from search results. According to various sources, the optimum keyword density is between 3% and 7%.

     Keyword weight - is a figure that evaluates the significance of a given keyword in a web page.

    Here are some of factors taken into account by the search engines when evaluating the keyword weight:

    - The total number of occurrences of the given keyword,
    - The text attribute tags. For example, title, bold type and so on.
    - The distance from the beginning of the text.

keyword density      The next Site analyzer report allows you to analyze keyphrases of a website. This report is useful when analyzing competitors' projects because it allows you to accurately determine the search engine keyphrases that your competitors are aiming at. This report is similar to the previous one but shows information on key phrases. In addition, detailed parameters of the words in each phrase are displayed.
HTML report

     HTML analyzer also provides reports "in reverse." Instead of choosing a page for analysis and listing keywords (or phrases), you can select a keyword (or phrase) and view analyses of it in all the pages of interest to you.

     Two more HTML analyzer reports are designed to give an overall site analysis:

keyword weight      A summary of keyword weight for all site pages. HTML report

site analysis report      An estimate the total number of words and number of visible words in each page and their size, in kilobytes.
HTML report

With HTML analyzer:
    You analyze and then optimize your website keywords and phrases to achieve best possible search engine positions.
    You analyze your competitor's websites to determine the search engine keyphrases that they are using. They may be useable in your website.

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