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    The selection and use of relevant keywords and keyphrases is an important task for anybody carrying out web site optimization and promotion. The purpose of many websites is to sell goods or services and large numbers of visitors alone is not the primary aim, it is important to attract targeted visitors who are also potential customers.

    It is very common for web designers to choose the wrong site keywords. The terms that we imagine will be good keywords are frequently not the ones actually used by searchers. That is why, before you add such text content to your site, it is important to define the keywords and phrases which properly correspond to the topic of the site and which are actually used by the audience you wish to target.

Information on search queries and appropriate keywords can be extracted in several ways:

Keyword suggestion services.. Search query statistics are provided by Overture and WordTracker. Overture is a free service while WordTracker is chargeable. However, there is also a free version of WordTracker, which supplies up to 15 suggestions for every specified word.

Keyword Associations and related search query suggestions.. These services are provided by the Yahoo and AskJeeves search engines. The frequency of queries is not given, but analysis of the suggested associations may help with selection of appropriate keywords.

Competitor analysis also helps to find new relevant keywords.

keyword suggestion tool image The Seo Administrator keyword suggestion tool supports all of these keyword information resources by collecting data from them and presenting it in the form of convenient reports.

The Competitor site analysis proceeds as follows: the resulting pages from a given search engine query are obtained, keywords are extracted from the downloaded pages using the Meta Keywords Tag, and the number of occurrences of each word on the page is counted and then presented as a report.

The keyword suggestion tool allows you to make quick analysis of a large number of related sites and obtain the most frequent keyword combinations. Reminder: The "HTML analyzer" utility is included in Seo Administrator for detailed site analysis.
HTML report

After the above procedure has collected a set of relevant keywords, you need to choose those that will be best for your site optimization. This is not as easy as it seems. Words with a low frequency of queries should be set aside as they are seldom used. The most popular keywords should also be set aside. All competing sites will have them and competition from them will be extremely high. Your site would probably not be listed near the top search position by using them. The second part of the keyword suggestion tool is designed to help you work through this problem and is described below.

The following parameters are obtained by the keyword suggestion tool for each specified keyword:

    keyword competition rate Average Google PageRank. The PageRank value for the first ten items in the search engine results is obtained and their average value is calculated. This is defined in the report as the average PageRank of the keyword. If the average PageRank for the given keyword is, for example, 7 then a site with PageRank 4 is unlikely to be able to compete with them using this particular keyword and it should be discarded.
    Average number of inbound links for a keyword is calculated in the same way. The situation is the same - the more inbound links the high-ranking sites have the greater the competition will be if you use this keyword.
    Number of pages containing a word/phrase - this shows how many sites a search engine will find when searching on the specified keyword combination.
    Number of exact matches - how many sites contain the exact phrase, as if the search term were placed in quotes.
    HTML report

The keyword suggestion tool helps you make the best possible choice of appropriate and effective keywords for your website by using keyword suggestion sources, search query frequency statistics and competition keyword analysis.

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