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    To guarantee a high position in search engine results there must be a large number of appropriate sites with links to your project. There are many Internet resources that are ready to publish information about your project and help you promote your site. The problem is how to find them. There are, for example, web directories, sites offering link exchanges, news feeds, and so on. The purpose of this software module is to help you find these valuable resources.

Our link exchange software tools search the Internet and then generate a list of resources that might publish a link back to your site. These candidate link pages are then downloaded and analyzed with the help of special algorithms that estimate the probability of publishing a link on each of them. This probability estimate allows you to make effective use of the various reports generated by our software tools.

Our link exchange software offers the following types of reports:
    - Sites with link exchange submission forms for adding link exchange information. These sites are prime link exchange resources and will promptly publish a link back to your resource in exchange for a link to them. This report will quickly and easily yield a large number of inbound links.

    - Sites with link exchange pages, partner and resource pages. Our link exchange software generates a list of sites with topics related to your project. It then checks them for pages that have standard names, such as links.html, partners.html, resources.html, etc. Pages with these names are often used for link exchanges or for publishing links to sites with similar topics. The probability of getting your site link published on these pages is quite high.

    - Sites with links to your competitors. If a resource has links to one of your competitors, it is quite possible that it will publish a link to your project as well.

    - A general list of resources related to the topic of your site. This list includes those sites where you may find some other method to get a link to your site published. The list will include - web directories, news feeds, forums, and other sites with topics related to your project.
    We recommend that you take some preliminary steps to allow you use the information in these reports most effectively. Here are our recommendations:
    - Create a page where you intend to publish reciprocal links for link exchange. Ideally, this page should have a Page Rank of 3 or more.

    - Prepare several descriptions of your project with different lengths. Three descriptions of length 80, 200 and 500 characters are usually adequate.

    - Prepare a small press release that you can publish on news feeds.

    - In addition to a press release, we suggest that you prepare an article on your project topic that has an embedded link to your site. You may be able to publish this in appropriate resources found by our link exchange software.
    The Google Page Rank value and the estimated probability of publishing your link is displayed for each page found in all reports. The picture shows an example of a report generated by our link exchange software tool.

link exchange tool

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