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    A large number of sites with links referring back to your own website (inbound links) is a guarantee of high positions in search engines. This number is your site link popularity and is the single most important objective parameter used by search engines to assess the significance and value of your website.

    Most search engines have an inbound links database (link popularity database) and most of them allow you to view your sites inbound links list with the help of special language operators. The databases from various search engines are mainly similar to each other, but each one will have some unique information on link popularity not present in the others. The Seo Administrator link popularity tool checks inbound links across a number of search engines. It then composes a unified and comprehensive inbound links list (link popularity report) without duplicates.

    A second important parameter that affects the link popularity value is the weight and importance of the referrer site. A link from is much more significant than one from some anonymous home page. One of the most convenient ways to estimate the importance and link popularity of a referring site is to obtain its Google PageRank.

    Finally, the third parameter affecting link popularity is the anchor text. This is the text on the referring page, which is associated with the link to your site. It is located between the link tags like this: "a href="Anchor text "/a". Keywords within this text will significantly improve your positions in search engines.

link popularity checker jpg      As well as collecting inbound link information, our link popularity software tool also defines PageRank and anchor text for every referring page. Here is a sample inbound link report for the site (In this example only the first 60 links are displayed)..
Link popularity report 1

link popularity tool      In many cases, you will be interested in following link dynamics. In other words, you will want to track changes in the links by noting any new and outdated links. Our link popularity checker software allows you to view and track such links over a specified period.

Link popularity report 2

 3      The above information is all very well, but you may be asking - how to increase link popularity? Nearly every website, especially if it is new, will have competing sites that have better search engine positioning. Competitor site analysis is, potentially, a great way to increase the number of inbound links to your own sites. Seo Administrator link popularity checker allows you to compare the links database of your site with your competitors' sites. A list of related resources with links to your competitors' sites, but not yet to your own site, can easily be created. You can then attempt to get inbound links from these sites to your own by the usual methods, such as contacting the relevant site webmasters to offer link exchanges. The image shows an example of our "own" site and some "competing" sites and
Link popularity report 3

     In summary, the Seo Administrator link popularity checker software allows you to increase your sites link popularity by:
    Generating a comprehensive list of inbound links (link popularity report)
    Tracking link dynamics.
    Finding new related web resources for links exchange via competitor analysis.

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