Log Analyzer

Software to analyze IIS and Apache logs.
Server log-files analysis

    Every request to your site is handled by the server and an appropriate record is saved in the log-file. A great deal of information about your website visitors can be learned from the records in the server log file when they are displayed in an understandable format. The server log file is a text file containing records, in a special format, of every single request to the site.

Seo Administrator log analyzer handles these log file formats:
IIS - Internet Information Server as generated by Windows servers.
Apache - log file format as generated by the popular Linux operating system server.

    An analysis of site visitor numbers is the first stage followed by extraction of parameters such as the number of unique IP addresses, the number of visitors, the number of page views and the number of entries originating from search engines. Seo Administrator log analyzer automates all of these tasks.

    log analyzer report 1 Number of unique IP addresses - shows the number of unique requests to the server. Note that a unique IP address does not necessarily signify a unique visitor. Image files and other resources are sometimes requested from your site by other websites and a record of this request is filed.
    Number of visitors - a visitor is a person who has retrieved information files from your website. Information files are html pages (with extensions htm, html, asp, etc.) and data files (with extensions exe, zip, etc.). Image and other supporting files are not information files.
    Page views - these are sometimes called "impressions" and show the total number of html page downloads from the site. As a rule, the number of page views is significantly more than the number of visitors because almost every visitor examines more than one page. However, the reverse situation can sometimes arise. For example, on software download sites there may be many file download requests but few visits to other pages.
    Entries out of search engines - a person entering a website site from a search engine is treated just like any other visitor. You will have a particular interest in search engine optimization and so the number of such visitors will be especially interesting. This is the reason why the current Seo Administrator log analyzer places visitors arriving via search engines in a separate report category.
HTML report

    The following server log file information is displayed by the log analyzer for each page that has had requests:

    log analyzer report 2 Number of views - how many requests the page has had.
    Number of entries out of search engines - how many times visitors entered the page from a search engine. The total numbers and the numbers from each search engine are displayed.
    Traffic - how much traffic each page generated.
HTML report

log analyzer report 3     Search query statistics displays which keywords search engine visitors used to find your site. Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, Overture and other search engines are supported.
HTML report

log analyzer report 4     Log file analysis can also yield important information on referrer's statistics. The referrer, or referring resource, shows where a visitor came from before entering your site. Seo Administrator log analyzer displays statistics for referring domains and referring pages.
HTML report

log analyzer report 5     Each record stored in the log file contains the IP address of the system making the request. Seo Administrator log analyzer can analyze the IP addresses and provide geographical information about your site's visitors.
HTML report

In the three following reports the log analyzer shows the most frequent paths on a site and entry/exit points.

The final report presents the information on the visits of search robots (spiders). As you know, the site should be indexed and added to the database of the search engine before it gets in the search engine resutls. It is the job of the search robots to search for the new pages not available in the index, and to update the information about already known ones. In the given report you can see the information on the search robots visits of your site.

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