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Ranking Monitor - web site positioning software tool
Monitor website positions in Google, Yahoo, MSN and other major search engines

    Every Seo specialist needs to regularly monitor web site positioning in the major search engines. Manual checking is possible but this can occupy a significant amount of time. Seo Administrator software tool completely automates this chore and allows you to easily create convenient and informative site position reports in minutes.

    Currently, just a handful of search engines bring nearly all of the visitors to a website. Google is in first place, while Yahoo, MSN search and AOL search engines are also extremely popular. Seo Administrator supports all of these major search engines as well as more than thirty other international and West European search engines.

    The operation of the "Ranking Monitor" module is user-friendly and intuitive. You simply specify keywords, your site addresses to be checked, then select your search engines. Ranking Monitor then collects the required information. Collected information will be displayed as easy to interpret web site positioning reports.

site positioning report 1     Positioning report 1 displays the data in a brief but informative form. As well as the current position, the report displays any position changes compared to the previous report. Here is an example of a ranking report on the site at www.netfirms.com .
HTML report

site positioning report 1     Positioning report 2 provides more detailed web site positioning information. The web page which occupies the position is specified (The symbol "/" indicates the root of the checked site). Note that if several pages of the same website occupy different search engine positions (for example, at the 5th, 6th and 45th positions) this information will be displayed.

HTML report

site url report     When checking web page positions it may be more convenient to view the whole search query results at once. URL list report shows all the links delivered from a search engine in a single list.

HTML report

positions history report     One of the most important Seo Administrator functions is the creation and maintenance of a web site positioning database that provides a site position history. Naturally, knowing the current site position is important but you need a search engine position history to track the effectiveness of your website optimization procedures.

HTML report

    Seo Administrator software tool gives a comprehensive set of functions and reports needed to check and track web site positioning based on specified keywords. Seo Administrator is very user-friendly and the demonstration projects included with the program will allow you to fully understand its operation within just a few minutes. Full support of all major search engines means that this web site positioning tool is an essential component of every web master and Seo specialist's toolkit.

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