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Seo Administrator Professional Edition article
Link popularity checker, site indexation tool, log-analyzer

The previous section described the abilities and features of the utilities included in Seo Administrator 3.0 Standard Edition. This section describes Seo Administrator Professional and the extra advanced tools available. Just a reminder; the Seo Administrator website is here, and you may download the program from

“Link popularity checker module. A large number of quality sites with links referring back to your own website (inbound links) is a guarantee of high positions in search reports. This number is your site link popularity and is the single most important objective parameter used by search engines to assess the significance and value of your website. Almost all the search engines use this link popularity parameter in their ranking algorithms. A detailed description of link popularity is given in the next article. Briefly, it may be defined as the "inbound links count".

Most search engines have an inbound links database and most of them allow you to view your sites inbound links list with the help of special language operators.

The databases from various search engines are mainly similar to each other, but each one will have some unique links not present in the others. Seo Administrator link popularity software checks inbound links across a number of search engines and then composes a unified and comprehensive inbound links list without duplicates.

Two more parameters are displayed for every inbound link – PageRank of the referrer and anchor text.

The first parameter – PageRank – is the "importance" value of the referring page as defined by the Google search engine. By sorting pages according to PageRank, it is possible to define the most significant referrers.

Finally, the third parameter affecting link popularity is the anchor text. This is the text on the referring page that is associated with the link to your site. It is located between the link tags like this: "a href=…"Anchor text "/a". Keywords within this text will significantly contribute to link popularity values and so improve your positions in search engines.

Links dynamics. In many cases, you will be interested in following link dynamics. In other words, you will want to track changes in the links by noting any new and outdated links. Our link popularity checker software allows you to view and track such links over a specified period.

Competitor analysis. Competitor site analysis is, potentially, a great way to increase the number of inbound links to your own sites. Naturally, every web-master strives to get the maximal number of inbound links referring to their sites and you can benefit from their efforts by suitable analysis of these competing websites. The search for new inbound links can be difficult if most of the related websites are already processed, i.e. they already have links to your site. In this case, you should pay attention to the more powerful competitors.

Seo Administrator Link popularity checker allows you to compare the links database of your site with your competitors’ sites. It can also create a list of related resources which have links to your competitors’ sites but not yet to your own site. If some web resource has several links to sites related to your own site topic then it is likely that the webmaster will also be willing to add links to your site. Seo Administrator link popularity checker can carry out all of these tasks automatically.

Seo Administrator Link popularity checker will give you the benefit of a complete list of those resources that can enhance the link popularity of your site.

“Site indexation tool” module. Before a site appears in search reports it has to be indexed by a search engine. Indexation of your web site means that the site pages have been visited by a search engine, analyzed and the information included in the search engine database. If a page is not indexed, it means that the search engine cannot know about it and consequently will never display information from it.

Site promotion in search engines is an ongoing process of page text optimization, increases in number of quality inbound links and so on. The very first step a webmaster of a newly created web resource should make is to check site indexation by the major search engines.

It is normally not difficult to get into a search engine index. In some cases, you do not need to take any special action. For example, the Google search engine will automatically visit and then index your site within a few days, especially if there are inbound links from other pages that have already been indexed by Google.

With other search engines, it is not quite so simple. In some cases, it is necessary to manually submit the new web resource to a search engine for successful indexation of the site. It is not necessary to sign up all of the pages, submission of just the main page is sufficient. The other site pages will be tracked via their links.

Most of the search engines allow you to examine the indexed pages list with the help of special language operators. Seo Administrator allows you to check site indexation in Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines.

As Seo Administrator checks site indexation it also obtains the Google PageRank value of each checked page. It is very useful to get the PageRank at the site indexation stage, especially when analyzing complex and large sites.

“Log-analyzer” module. Every request to your site is handled by the server and an appropriate record is saved in the log-file. A great deal of information about your website visitors can be extracted from the records in the server log file so long as they can be put into an understandable format. The server log file is a text file containing records, in a special format, about every single request to the site. Seo Administrator log analyzer handles these log file formats:

  • IIS-Internet Information Server. Generated by Windows servers.
  • Apache-log file format. Generated by the popular Linux operating system server.

When analyzing log-files Seo Administrator will extract the following statistics:

  • Number of unique visitors of your site.
  • Number of page views.
  • Number of entries originating from search engines.
  • Keywords used by visitors to find your site.
  • Referrers, the web resources which forwarded visitors to your site.
  • Geography, countries of visitors as derived from IP addresses.
  • Frequent visitor paths within your site (Click paths).

The utilities described above are all included in the Professional edition of the program. (Seo Administrator 3.0 Professional edition).

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