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    If you have many reciprocal (partner) links, it becomes difficult to keep track of them manually. Your link, or the page containing it, could be removed, moved to another location, or its anchor text could be changed. Also, there are dishonest exchange methods to prevent link exchange pages from being indexed by search engines. Links from these pages will not contribute toward your projects search engine results. The purpose of this software tool is to check your reciprocal links for potential problems.

Our reciprocal link checker is a software tool that checks the following parameters in your partner sites list. On each page, the following checks are made:
    - Page availability. Checks that the page exists and is available for downloading. The page could be unavailable either temporarily (the site is temporarily unavailable due to technical problems) or permanently (the page has been removed or moved to a new location).

    - Link presence. Checks if there is a link to your site on the page.

    - Anchor text. The anchor text of the link is checked.

    - Google Page Rank. The Google Page Rank value is specified for this page.

    - Number of outbound (external) links. The number of outbound links to other sites is counted on the page. The more outbound external links are published, the less valuable each one is.

    - Number of internal links. The number of outbound internal links to other pages within the same site is counted.

    - Google indexation. This checks if the page has been indexed by the Google search engine. If it has not been indexed, Google does not know about this page and links from it are not taken into account.

    - Number of inbound links Checks the number of inbound links to this page.

    - Meta ROBOTS noindex, nofollow. Checks for the presence of the ROBOTS NOINDEX and ROBOTS NOFOLLOW meta tags on this page. The ROBOTS NOINDEX tag tells search engines that this page must not be indexed. This means that search engines will not take into account links published on this page. The ROBOTS NOFOLLOW tag tells search engines that they can index the page, but they must not follow links published on this page.

    - Link nofollow attribute. Checks if the link has the nofollow attribute. Unlike the above meta tags that forbid indexing and following links for the entire page, the nofollow attribute only affects a specific link.

    - Noindex tag. Checks if the page has noindex tags. Unlike the ROBOTS NOINDEX meta tag that applies to the entire page, noindex tags only apply to specific parts of the page text. If the link to your site is located within the area bounded by noindex tags, search engines will not take it into account.

    - Robots.txt exclusion. Checks if indexation is forbidden in the file robots.txt. This file contains instructions for search engines to determine which pages should be indexed and how. If indexing of partner links is forbidden in this file, search engines will not take into account a link to your site.

    The picture shows an example of a report generated by our reciprocal link checker software tool.

reciprocal link checker

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