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Seo Administrator is a suite of seo software utilities. Each one is focused on a specific seo task and the suite provides you with all of the information you need to get the highest search engine ranking for your website. These seo software tools help you make the right decisions during the website optimization process by providing you with the key information you need to enhance your website positioning. Click on the links for more information on the rich feature set of each seo software tool:

site positioning softwareRanking Monitor software tool (Screenshots and reports examples)

      Defines site positioning in all the major search engines. The list of more than thirty supported search engines includes Google, Yahoo, MSN/Live search, AltaVista, AllTheWeb, Lycos, HotBot, Overture and a number of German and other European search engines.

      Displays current site position and tracks position changes.
      Allows you to view the page of the site that occupies that position.
      Obtains a search engine result report as a URL list.
      Creates a position history database to record the results of the optimization process.
      Displays the database items in tables and charts.

inbound links softwareLink Popularity Checker seo software tool (Screenshots and reports examples)

      Checks inbound links using results from a large number of search engines.
      Compiles a unified and comprehensive list of inbound links.
      Follows inbound link dynamics and alerts you to new or out-dated links.
      Analyses competitor's websites and searches for related resources. These are useful for potential link exchanges with your own site.
      Displays the Google PageRank for every found link.
      Displays the anchor text for every found page.

indexation softwareSite Indexation Seo Tool utility (Screenshots and reports examples)

      Displays the pages of a site, which have been indexed by Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines.
      Displays the Google PageRank for every page that has been indexed.

link exchange softwareLink exchange tool utility (Screenshots and reports examples)

      - Finds sites with link exchange submission forms.
      - Finds sites with link exchange pages, partner and resource pages with standard names, such as links.html, partners.html, resources.html
      - Finds sites that link to your competitors.
      - Creates general list of resources matching the topic of your site.
      - Estimates the probability of publishing your link on each site found.
      - Checks reciprocal/partner links.
      - Includes Link management software to maintain your database of buy/sell/exchange links.

site analyzer softwareSite Analyzer software (Screenshots and reports examples)

      finds broken/non-working links;
      finds broken/missing images;
      finds “lost” or “orphaned” files;
      finds errors and bugs in html code;
      checks the Google Page Rank value for every page;
      creates a detailed report on all external links from the site;
      creates site maps formatted as html pages;
      creates an XML sitemap in a format that can be submitted to the Google search engine;
      creates and edits the robots.txt file as used by search engines.

log analyzer softwareLog Analyzer software (Screenshots and reports examples)

      Analyzes the log-files created by IIS and Apache servers. Can read zip-files.
      Reports site visitor numbers.
      Reports keywords that were used by visitors to arrive at the site.
      Geographical report, the countries of site visitors are listed.
      Site referrers are listed.
      Visitor progress through the site is analyzed and entry/exit pages are displayed.
      The search engines robots (spiders) visits report.

page rank softwarePage Rank Analyzer seo software tool (Screenshots and reports examples)

      Automatic check of Google PageRank value for the site list;
      Displays Alexa Traffic Rank for every page on the list
      Presence of each site in the DMOZ catalogue and Yahoo directory is checked.
      Displays the number of inbound links for every page on the list according to Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines.
      Displays TITLE text for every page on the list.

keywords suggestion utilityKeyword Suggestion Seo Tool utility (Screenshots and reports examples)

      Suggests keyword variations with the help of Overture and WordTracker (free edition) services.
      Suggests related word combinations with the help of the Yahoo and AskJeeves related search services.
      Analyzes the Meta Keywords Tag from your competitors' sites.
      Defines the competition number of each keyword. Displays the average PageRank, the number of inbound links and the number of pages containing specified word combinations.

html analyzerHTML Analyzer software tool (Screenshots and reports examples)

      Analyzes html-page contents and estimates the degree of text optimization for various phrases.
      Counts the number of keywords on each page and gives their weight and page density.
      Composition and analysis of keywords.
      General site reports.
      Works with local (HD located) and internet web pages.
      Analyzes individual html-pages and complete websites.

data centersGoogle Data Centers seo software tool (Screenshots and reports examples)

      Checks web page positions in all (50+) Google data-centers.

snippetsSnippets Viewerseo software tool (Screenshots and reports examples)

      Collects, records and displays the short descriptions (snippets) returned by search engines.

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