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Start-up seo package is a group of seo services for those who want to do their own promotion

The Start-up seo package costs just $299. Order now

Our Start-up package is a group of seo services for those who want to optimize their websites and do their own promotion. This comprehensive package provides you with all of the information you need to get the best possible search engine placement for your web pages.

Our Start-up package consists of three seo services:

1. Website audit and practical seo recommendations.
We will thoroughly check and analyze your website. We will then give you clear-cut and practical seo recommendations on what changes you can make to improve your site’s rankings. This service will evaluate:
    - The keyword density in your site text.
    - Correct use of certain html tags.
    - Site link structure.
    - Various other important seo details.
The package also includes the following additional seo reports:
    - Your current site position in various search engines.
    - How well your site is indexed by major search engines.
    - External links to your site, including link location and link text.
    - Suggested keywords, with competitiveness levels, for your website promotion.
    - Current keyword and key phrase density within your website.
These reports will be accompanied by comments to ensure that you get the maximum seo benefit from them.

2. Instant text links package – permanent one-way text links.
We will place instant text links to your web site, with your required keywords, from some of our web sites. The pages containing your permanent text links will have a mixed Google PageRank from 2 to 5. Here is what you will get

    PageRank 2 – 2 permanent one-way text links
    PageRank 3 – 4 permanent one-way text links
    PageRank 4 – 2 permanent one-way text links
    PageRank 5 – 1 permanent one-way text link

These instant text links will give you that boost of link popularity that is so important in SEO and will definitely help you to quickly promote your website soon after ordering.

Note that links such as these are usually paid for on a monthly basis but we provide permanent links instantly . Do not miss this opportunity to get all of these instant text links by simply ordering our Start-up seo package.

Feel free to contact us for detailed information on the locations of your instant links.

3. Seo software
The next part of our seo service package includes our seo software, Seo Administrator Expert edition. This will give you additional expert help in promoting and optimizing your website.

To summarize, purchasers of the Start-up seo package get:
    - Practical seo site improvement recommendations.
    - Instant text link package
    - Seo Administrator Expert edition software.
The Start-up seo package costs just $299. Order now

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