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The entire SEO world under one roof

Being a webmaster isnít always easy; often you can literally work your fingers to the bone. Once you build your website, you start to worry about bringing the traffic.

Then you engage yourself in never-ending on-page and off-page optimization, follow-up after search engine's rankings, media and social marketing, and the list goes on. It is more than useful to monitor and analyze all these activities via one smart SEO platform.

Every webmaster who values his time and work, should get such a technical /automatic assistance to maximize his efforts of monitoring and analyzing the whole process of SEO optimization.

Before you pick up your tracking SEO tool, be careful as some SEO tests and services can only harm you and your business by their false ranking evaluation. However, a good service can spare you from manual and tiresome work.

SheerSEO is a good example of a SEO tool you will welcome eagerly to your daily work routine. In terms of seconds, you will get accurate and prompt results and detailed analysis of your website from the search engines' point of view.

SheerSEO platform is a simple Web 2.0 service you can use from any device you please. No more need to fuss with installs and downloads; online applications are simply tomorrow's solution.

Rank Tracking

Search engine optimization of any website is impossible without keywords tracking. That's a known fact. Both your SEO and SEM campaigns can be optimized based on the current and exact ranking of the keywords. The historical data are saved, and you can compare your performance over a period of time. SheerSEO works coherently with Google Analytics tool and thus provides your keyword rankings with the additional values of search volume, average CPC, estimated and real clicks.

Links Analysis

Have you been ever thinking how helpful it would be to get all the back links of referring sites on one page? Well, you are not the only one. SheerSEO offers this feature and tracks the main referral sites and on top of that also evaluates their influence on ranking of your website.

SheerSEO enables you to do even more. You can easily manage, create and analyze your back-links. Back-link checker guards and sums up back links you have especially chosen to monitor on a constant basis.

Social Networking and more

Today gathering ranking information and constant monitoring is a must. In addition to tracking keywords and back links, SEO tools also map activity of your website for social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg and Delicious. You can track who shares tweets about your content and build networking much more efficiently.

Except minimizing lengthy work, using online SEO software enables you to find faults that were neglected or forgotten while building the content and the code of the website. On-page SEO overviews your website keyword density and content benchmarking analysis content of your page for a selected keyword.

Automatic Link Building

Apart from this, you can use automatic link building features. Directory submission enables you to auto submit your links to wide list of directories. It is very simple, and saves amounts of time on search and manual submissions. You just choose the category of the directory, and here you go.

Another Link Building feature helps reaching out bloggers to promote your content. You can use Blog reviews - cool feature, which makes your life easy, where you can submit a request for blog review to many blogs in seconds.

In conclusion - SheerSEO is very convenient and intuitive software that provides plenty of SEO information in one package. The tool is useful both for SEO professionals and websites owners.

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