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Broken links and broken images checker
Site analyzer software tools

    Our site analyzer software is a universal website scanner and broken link checker. The main website page is entered as the start address and the site analyzer follows links to internal pages until it has scanned the entire site. During the scan the site analyzer gathers information on website structure, possible errors (broken links, broken images and so on) and other information.

This information is used to reveal the following issues and useful statistics:
    - Broken links;
    - Broken images;
    - “Lost” or “orphaned” files;
    - Errors and bugs in html code;
    - The Google PageRank for all the site’s pages;
    - A detailed report on all outbound links from this site;
    - Creates sitemaps as html pages;
    - Creates an XML sitemap in a format that can be submitted to the Google search engine;
    - Creates and edits the robots.txt file as used by search engines.

Broken link checker

    Non-working links, also called broken links, are irritating and create a bad impression of the site. These are especially unacceptable for commercial sites because they often result in the loss of a customer. If the owners can’t even keep their website in order, visitors will ask themselves why they should have the confidence to order goods or services from them. The same applies to broken images…they will result in lost customers.

    However, manual checking of all the links can be quite time-consuming, especially on a large web site with many pages. .

    Our broken link checker can automatically scan the entire site and check validity of every link and image referenced in the html code of all pages on the site. The broken link checker will display the pages in a list and specify errors in them – a broken link or a broken image – and also display the section of html code containing the error. This will allow you to rapidly locate and fix any broken links and images on your website.

Site analyzer - faults in the html code

     Some HTML tags are highly desirable but not vital to the operation of a website. These include the TITLE, Description and Keywords tags which are used by search engines. Image ALT tags are also highly desirable.

     If any of these tags are missing no error will be flagged but the page will be less useful to visitors. More importantly, the search engine ranking is likely to be adversely affected by these missing tags. Our site analyzer will point out such issues, giving you a chance to easily debug the faulty pages.

Site analyzer - finding lost files

     Finding lost files is a task that in some ways is the reverse of locating non-working links. In this case the file exists on the website but there are no links to it. Our site analyzer will, optionally, scan the FTP catalog of the site and compare it with the list of (http) scanned html pages from the site analysis. Lost files will show up as differences between the two lists and can readily be identified.

Checking Google PageRank of all site pages

     The site analyzer will make a list of all site pages and also check PageRank of entire site (the rank value for each page is checked). This can be handy if you want to get a general idea of the site structure and will also help you to select those pages that are suitable for search engine promotion.

Creating a detailed report by outbound links

     The site analyzer will generate a report of all links to external resources from the analyzed site. A list of these external links, plus link text, will be displayed for every page on the site. This report can be very useful for sites where links are sold. It allows customers to select the best pages for their purchased links. Also, the link seller will be able to see which pages are “overloaded” with external links and perhaps suspend link sales on those pages.

site analyzer software

Site analyzer reports
Overall site report
Summury site report
Detailed page report

In addition to checking for broken links, our Site Analyzer module has several other important features including a sitemap software and a robots.txt file generator.

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