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     The term sitemap was derived from website and map; it is a map of your website. Some sitemaps are designed to be read by humans and are often written using HTML code. Other sitemaps are designed to be read by search engines and are often written using XML code. Our sitemap software can generate both types of sitemap.

     In a sitemap links to all sections/pages of the website resource are listed. Initially sitemaps were used to simplify navigation for website resources that have many internal sections. If the visitor couldnt find the necessary section using the navigation menu, he or she could visit the sitemap page and access all website sections from the sitemap with a single mouse click. Although human readable sitemaps can be manually constructed it is much easier to use sitemap software to automatically generate them.

     As search engines appeared and developed, sitemaps began solving another problem to simplify the indexing task for search engines. It is well known that internal website pages nested several levels down from the main index page are indexed less often by search robots. With a sitemap you can make all internal site pages available for robot crawls in only two steps. The first step is from the main page to the sitemap and the second step is from the sitemap to any of the internal pages. That is why sitemaps appear on resources where human visitors dont have navigation problems. They are provided for the use of search engine robots and are best generated using sitemap software.

     The next step in the evolution of the sitemap was made by Google. This company started supporting sitemaps in XML format. An XML sitemap contains information about all pages of the resource page address, average update frequency, the date when it was last modified as well as the relative importance of each page. The XML sitemap format is unreadable for humans, but highly efficient for search engine robots.

HTML sitemap software

     An HTML sitemap, (it can also be called a traditional map), is a conventional web page where links to all sections of your website are gathered. Our HTML sitemap software scans the site and collects complete information about its structure. Using an intuitive built-in editor, you can create both horizontal and vertical sitemaps and also choose different color schemes to make the sitemap match the design of the rest of your website.

     Two HTML sitemap examples generated by our sitemap software are shown here horizontal and vertical maps of our own website

Xml sitemap for Google and other search engines

     XML format is unreadable by humans but our XML sitemap software includes a built in editor in which all information is presented as easy to understand tables. This makes manual editing of an XML sitemap quite easy. After editing is complete, the sitemap software will generate an xml file, upload it to your server and then, using special functions (the so-called API), it will inform Google that a new version of your sitemap is available.

    Sample xml sitemap

google xml sitemap

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