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Google, Yahoo search engine snippet analysis

The results given by a search engine consist of three major parts:

- The site's header.
- A link to the resource.
- A brief description of the resource.

The combination of these elements is called a snippet, it is the web page description returned in a search result.

The header of a page is the text from the TITLE tag. This is the most prominent piece of information available to human searchers and is also used by the search engines. When composing this tag you should make sure that the text is clear, attractive to read and contains suitable keywords. Usually 50-80 symbols from TITLE tag are included in the search engine report, which is why the size of a header is best limited to this figure.

A special Meta Description Tag can be used for specifying your desired short description. The description returned by the search engine is usually a combination of the Meta Description Tag and extracts from the text on the page. Meta tags are not fully used by search engines nowadays and often ignored, but their continued use is advisable when creating a new website

The attractiveness of a snippet description is very important to win visitors over and persuade them to click on your link to visit your website. If the description delivered by search engines is unattractive, the site may get few visits even though it has a high keyword search ranking. We cannot directly influence the choice of a search engine, but trying to provide an attractive summary of the page text will motivate human readers to visit your site.

The "Snippets viewer" module allows you to build, track and monitor a snippet database using the snippets returned by search engines for your site.

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