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Seo Administrator Standard Edition article
Everything you need to enhance your web page search engine positions

Seo Administrator software has been available for more than two years. It began as a small utility designed to check search engine website positions and grew into a comprehensive optimization package that assists with all aspects of website promotion.

The program website is at, and the program download location is

The new version includes nine utilities for web site optimization and promotion and is available in three editions: Standard, Professional and Expert.

This article describes the utilities included in Seo Administrator 3.0 Standard Edition.

“Ranking monitor” module. The biggest factor in attracting visitors to your web site is a high position in the lists returned from search engines. This is the search engine rank. Monitoring and tracking of your site’s search engine rank is a fundamental and ongoing part of your website optimization task.

A manual check of search engine ranks can be laborious, especially if there you have many keywords and your site has not yet made it into the magical "first ten" of the search engine results. Seo Administrator will help you by doing all the difficult and routine work for you.

Currently, just a handful of major search engines bring most of the visitors to any given website. The most important is Google followed by significant numbers from Yahoo, MSN and AOL. Seo Administrator supports all of these search engines and also more than thirty other international and West European search engines.

Project settings. Seo Administrator is especially simple and intuitive to operate. To start work you do not need to create accounts or enter any additional information about your websites. You simply enter search keywords, enter your website URLs and select your required search engines.

Reports. Seo Administrator provides several types of report. As well as showing your current web site position, it can track changes over time. This will tell you exactly how and when your ongoing site optimization work enhances the search engine positions. It is quite common for several pages of a website to be included in the search results. You may see your pages at, for example, the 5th, 6th and 47th positions in a list. In cases like this, Seo Administrator will correctly process the results to give you appropriate statistics on all of the occurrences.

All the reports created by Seo Administrator may be exported as HTML, Excel, Word, CSV, XML or plain text files. All of the results can also be printed out.

URL list. The program connects to search engines in the same way as a person using a web browser. Search results are tracked and saved as the list of URLs that you see in the reports.

History table. As mentioned above, historical tracking of site positions provides vital feedback on the effectiveness of your site optimization work. Seo Administrator automatically saves the results of all search sessions in a search database and constructs a History table from the saved session search data. The History table gives a clear overview of several parameters, including search engine position and how they have changed. As with all Seo Administrator features, the History table is easy to set up. You simply choose required phrases, search engines and the dates you want to see in the report. You can even view the history data as a chart if you wish.

In summary, the Seo Administrator Ranking monitor module contains all the tools you need for effective, efficient and automatic checking of your website search engine ratings.

“Google Data Centers” This module provides an easy to use interface for checking site positions in Google Data Centers. This allows you to get an estimate of your final Google keyword ranking by checking the Google Data Centers as they are updated before the main server at

“Snippets viewer” module. When search engine results are collected on a specified keyword the search engine shows brief automated descriptions that have been extracted from your website. These are called "snippets".

A special Meta Description Tag can be used for specifying your desired short description. The description returned by the search engine is usually a combination of the Meta Description Tag and extracts from the text on the page. Meta tags are not fully used by search engines nowadays and often ignored, but their continued use is advisable when creating a new website

Seo Administrator tracks snippet history. Snippet analysis and accurate editing of a site’s pages allows you to try variations of Meta Description Tag and page text to see how a search engine displays the resulting snippet text.

All the above modules are included in Seo Administrator Standard Edition.



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